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Customer Testimonials

Thanks, Mike, for your QUICk and AWESOME Service!!!!


Thanks, Mike, for doing a GREAT job with the electric!  Was nice not to clean up after somebody for a change.



Once again… thanks, Mike, for the quick and efficient service!  It’s so nice to have you close and handy when needed.  We housewives and widows appreciate that very much!  Take care and God bless you and your work!



Thanks once again for coming to our rescue!  Your quick service is greatly appreciated!! Keep the discount and have a cool one on us!!



Thank you, Mike!  You were right; it was the box connected to the TV that was giving me all the problems.  Denise, you married a very smart man! Love ya!!



Many thanks!  It was a joy working with you!



Mike, your visit this afternoon was much appreciated.  John got his questions answered and I was delighted to have the back entry light installed.  Life is brighter thanks to you!!



Thanks so much for offering the discount, but I did not deduct it because we really appreciated how fast you came!!!  We really appreciated it!!!



Mike, I didn’t have  a chance to tell you what a great job you have done with the electrical work at the farmhouse.  I wanted to tell you that most of all I felt SAFE, but I was also impressed with the fixtures, the switches, the excellent functional lumination for the bathroom and kitchen, not to mention the best of all … the fine motion lights in the garage.  Your work is very professional and I appreciate the excellent workmanship!



Thank you very much for the quick and efficient service received in taking care of those electrical problems.  Especially grateful to have it done before the renters moved in which is always more problematic.  Was lucky you happen to have had an extra floor baseboard heater the same size to put in.  That is more than luck!  I’m grateful!!  God bless you, Mike.  Take care until I need you again. 



Thanks for the great service!  Look forward to working with you more!



Thank you, Mike, once again for bailing me out last minute.  I promise my next electric project that I give you will be more than a 12-hour notice.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you getting these projects done for us!  We paid you in full – short notice doesn’t deserve discounts! 



Thanks for your quick service and excellent work!  We really appreciate it!



Mike, you were SO right; that Sunday evening shower was really great.  It wasn’t necessary but we really appreciate your prompt service!




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**  We offer a 10-day discount on all invoices except for bid jobs.



**  Comparing bids?  Be sure to compare apples to apples.  If another company's bid is less than ours, it does not mean that the job will be less cost to you.  Perhaps there are items that we have included  on our bid, that they did not on theirs and they will be billing you later for them as EXTRAS.  Check out a sample of our House Bid Proposal on the Serivces Page under New and Renovated Construction.



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