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Nohner Electric, Inc.


New construction and renovation

We perform new electrical installations, wiring renovation, additions and electrical upgrades across Central Minnesota. Looking to build or renovate a house, or maintain your older home? We can help! We also handle large commercial projects.


Check out a sample of our House Bid below.  As you can see, you can almost visualize your house when it is completed.  Any item on the bid that is not completed will be credited.  Anything additional that is done will be invoiced above and beyond the bid price. 

Recent Project

A project that we just completed was a new construction of a laundromat in Buffalo, Minnesota. Please look through the photo gallery below to see the phases of the project.


Michael Nohner

Nohner Electric, Inc.
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Phone: 320 453-2725



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**  We offer a 10-day discount on all invoices except for bid jobs.



**  Comparing bids?  Be sure to compare apples to apples.  If another company's bid is less than ours, it does not mean that the job will be less cost to you.  Perhaps there are items that we have included  on our bid, that they did not on theirs and they will be billing you later for them as EXTRAS.  Check out a sample of our House Bid Proposal on the Serivces Page under New and Renovated Construction.



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